Quik Tea Ginger Chai (10 pouches)

Quik Tea Ginger Chai (10 pouches)

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Quiktea is made from pure, wholesome and finest ingredients. No preservatives added. Our ginger chai harkens back to the streets of Bombay. The perfect Oomph for a not so perfect day. Restore your wellness.

Ginger tea is an ultimate blend of the great, fiery taste of Ginger and the medicinal properties that it encompasses in its every sliver. The benefits of ginger tea and its unique taste make it a daily pleasure for millions of people around the world. With the Quik Tea Instant Ginger Tea Mix, you get the best of both worlds a great spicy tasting tea and a recipe to cure all ills. It is believed that the idea of using ginger was first conceived by the ancient Greeks who, during war time, used ginger in tea and other beverages to keep themselves active and alert in the night time. It was mainly because ginger is a good stimulant while at the same time calming frazzled nerves. The stimulants in ginger provide a strong vigor and keep your mind active and fresh while keeping laziness at bay. Additionally, ginger is also blessed with a hoard of other medicinal properties which are scientifically extracted in the Quik Tea Taste Labs and concentrated in the Quik Tea Ginger Tea granules which are an instant mix of tea, milk, sugar and Ginger extract. The most common and significant benefit of Quik Tea Ginger Chai Tea is it provides relief from headaches, cough and the common cold. Drinking ginger tea also helps in curing throat irritation problems. Ginger tea is also useful in the treatment of diabetes. Although ginger has its own spicy taste, ginger beverages are traditionally used as a cure for inflammation. Moreover, through many years, ginger tea is suggested as treatment for digestive disorders and other renal problems. Ginger tea is also a very useful beverage for the purpose of treating diarrhea. If this wasnt enough, the peppery and tangy taste of ginger tea is an instant remedy for treating nausea. One other important benefit of ginger tea is its property to treat stress. Phew! Truly, with so many medicinal benefits packed into every granule of every pack of Quik Tea Ginger Chai Tea Instant Mix, it is little wonder that the benefits of Ginger Tea make it one of our most widely sold and appreciated products.

  • No preservatives
  • All natural
  • Calcium, Antioxidant
  • Just add hot water
  • Freshness in every sip

Country of Origin: Product of India

Ingredients: Sugars, Milk, Tea & ginger

Directions: Empty one pouch into an 8 oz, cup, add hot water & stir well.

Product Weight: 17 OZ (480 Grams)

Quantity: 10 Pouches

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Package: Box


The Indian style of chai is different that the chai popular in the West as Indians prefer black tea with lots of milk, sugar and spices. They generally prepare in a pot with all the ingredients boiled together until you can feel the aroma in the air. Brooke Bond Red Label tea is one of the favorite teas enjoyed by many India households for its distinct aroma and strong flavors.

“How do you take your tea?” I reply, “Seriously, very seriously.” Such is the craze of tea in India. A cup of tea makes everything better. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea and that’s the kind of the same thing!

Chai, as it is called in local dialect, is a way of life in India.
A normal day in India begins with the hot cuppa brimming with the thick sweet concoction, it gets you ready for the day. No office day is complete without typical chai breaks, be it the corporate heads or the coworkers, their daily fix of chai is mandatory to rejuvenate and boost productivity.


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Indians are absolute tea-totallers. Every occasion is synonymous with the ritual of drinking chai. From a celebratory occasion to a more sombre one, the steaming aromatic and refreshing cup of chai is an excuse for almost everything. 

Whether it is their looks, fashion, food or beverages, Indians love to experiment. Their random experimentation with tea has led to the creation of some exotic delicacies which are high on taste and also come with a host of health benefits. Let's savor some varieties of this magical beverage:

• Milky and sugary tea- The most traditional way of making tea is by boiling tea leaves with water, milk and sugar. People love to add fresh ground ginger, green cardamom, a pinch of cinnamon powder/cinnamon sticks (broken into small pieces) and saunf for a rich flavoured aroma.


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• Lemon tea- Add a pinch of tea leaves (only for light orange colour) to boiling water. Add half teaspoon black salt, half teaspoon honey and a few drops of lemon to the hot mixture. Sip it piping hot to flush out toxins, for weight loss and to have that magical glow on your skin.


Indian Grocery Store - Brooke Bond Red Label Tea - Singal's


• Iced tea- It is prepared in exactly the same way as lemon tea but served cool. Add cubes of ice to the cooled mixture and you get a perfect concoction to beat those summer blues.


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With India’s growing obsession with chai, the Indian chai experience has made its way to high-octane tea bars, fine dining and E-Commerce as well.


Indian Grocery Store - Brooke Bond Red Label Tea - Singal's

Not to forget those modest roadside chai walas (tea- sellers), who have dedicated many generations to this steaming business.


Indian Grocery Store - Brooke Bond Red Label Tea - Singal's

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